The Darklit Lantern


The Dark-lit Lantern, also known as the Lantern to regulars, is a venue in which two rather distinctly Hingan events are held. The Lantern can be found in the 9th ward of Shirogane, Subdivision Plot 31.

((No OOC gil is required for your food or drink. However, entertainers are staffed voluntarily. Tips are encouraged!))


Featuring a variety of beverages from Othard and Hingashi as well as a few imported beverages from Eorzea, there is surely something for all. Hingan inspired small plates are served with the beverages for a well rounded experience.

Oriental Eatery

Guests are welcome to join us for tea and oriental fare in our semi private tea room. Featuring locally grown teas and freshly prepared Oriental meals, you are sure to have a memorable experience.

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